Paddle Toward Adventure

Discover a unique kayak experience at our Fort Myers Beach hotel

Explore the inlets and islands of Fort Myers Beach from the sea. Our Fort Myers Beach resort recreation team offers a docket of professional kayak tours for guests of different skill levels, allowing you to discover breathtaking scenery while making memories to last a lifetime.

All of our tours require reservations, and kayakers should meet at our Fort Myers Beach marina.

Bunche Beach Preserve

The row across Estero Bay is ideal for advanced kayakers, covering the extensive Mangrove system of Lee County’s Bunche Beach Preserve. Depending on the tide, we will explore the broad mudflats to exquisite canopied creeks. Your guide will interpret the local wildlife, mangrove systems and man’s influence and impact on these sensitive ecosystems then and now.

• When: 11 a.m. Tuesday & Thursday

• Time: 2.5 hours

• Cost: $45


Bird Island / Beginner Tour

Bird Island is the prime nesting zone of many of our coastal bird species in upper Estero Bay. Just a short row across and we enter into a different world. The dancing, clattering and intermingling of species is thrilling. Out of breeding season, the island serves as a roost for these birds and many other species that migrate to our Fort Myers Beach shores in the cooler months.

• When: 1 p.m. Friday

• Time: 1.5 hours

• Cost: $35

Call (888) 222-7465 ext. 58 and make reservations for a kayak tour at our Fort Myers Beach resort today!